1. VIP host who speaks English fluently

2. VIP table in one of the most popular clubs in Belgrade

3. 2 bottles of liquor of your choice

4. Girls for hanging out in the club

5. VIP Entrance (not standing in a queue)

6. Personal waiter

7. Number of people is not crucial

For larger groups – SPECIAL OFFERS



1. Transport from airport to the accommodation (Lux Apartments)

2. Daily shooting from multiple weapons

3. Transport to restaurants for lunch party

4. Relax time on some popular lounge Bar

5. Diner time at some of the best Belgrade restaurants

6. Limousine Transporting to the night club

7. VIP Table in heart of a club 3 bottles included

8. Transport from Night Club to Strip Club

9. Private VIP party at Strip Club

10. Transport from Strip Club to Accommodation

2.999 €


1. Transport from airport to the accommodation

2. Lux Apartment or Villa, included more bottles of drinks to wait you

3. Day time party and lunch

4. Diner time at some of the best Belgrade restaurants

5. Limousine Transporting to the night club with bottles of champagne and strip party inside

6. Casino with 1.000$ Chips included

7. VIP lounge table at heart of a night club, 5 bottles included and lot of girls for party

8. After Party at Strip Club, 1 bottles included

9. Transportation back to accommodation on PRIVATE party (Party with pool, Optional for summer time )

4.999 €

About Us

Our organization represents city of Belgrade with all its content in a credible way in order to make your stay an unforgettable experience!
We have many years of experience behind us which guarantees you quality and safety.
For more information please contact us:
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bachelor party belgrade

Bachelor Party in Belgrade

Belgrade is known for its nightlife and fun and if you want your bachelor party to be memorable and unique like the one from movie “Hangover”, Belgrade is the best choice for you!

Don’t worry, we have perfect solution for you. It’s not your problem anymore to plan where and what you’re going to do for your bachelor party, because we have a team of experienced guys who will make your bachelor party unforgettable.

You can choose apartment that suits you best ( we own smaller ones for up to 6 people and larger ones for 10+ people and all of them are located in the citiy centre). Also you can book a villa with its own pool for you and your company. We can provide you transport from/to airport by a limousine and there is always posibility to be greeted by a stripper to make your journey even more fun. Luxurious cars are aslo available at your request. At party we can also provide you the company of beatiful girls to make that night memorable, and If you want there is posibility of hiring professional security for you.

You can choose between most popular rafts and clubs to have your party while through our SPECIAL OFFER we can make it VIP status party. On contrary, you can go for more private solution by renting a villa for you and your friends where we can arrange catering and drinks as well as the company of the most beautiful girls to enhance your party.

There are also daily activites in Belgrade to fulfill your stay. We can organize lunchs or dinners at elite Belgrade restaurants for you and your friends. You can spend a day by the river drinking your favourite drink at on of the most exclusive rafts or you can even rent a yacht. Other activities are : paintball, karting ride, parachute jump, sightseeing and many more.

bachelor party belgrade


+381 66 686 0000 (Whatsapp, Viber, SMS or call)

bachelor party belgrade